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Ever Be Crystals brings premium, high-quality crystals to everyone! We would love if you help us find forever homes for these crystals. Feel free to look around the shop and find the perfect crystal for you and your home!

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At Ever Be we strive to provide you with a variety of crystals from all over the world. We have the common Rose Quartz all the way to rarer pieces such as Blue Lace Agate. We’ve talked with our miners and suppliers to find the best quality that we can all be proud of!

The time and effort put forth to find these unique crystals is amazing! Colombianites, for example, are only found in Columbia’s rivers where our supplier will walk and sort through all the dirt and rocks until he can find these incredibly rare pieces. From the Cauca Valley, Jorge has also supplied our shop with Optical Lemurians! One of our other suppliers is from Indonesia, Akan finds us the most unique pieces from his own mine and then he processes them himself and makes the most amazing towers and carvings. He has provided us beautiful Grape Agate and Bumblee Bee Jasper that is featured in our shop. My personal favorite that he has brought is Thomsonite which is actually a rare pink Natrolite and a brand new find in the crystal world!

Every crystal has a unique vibration which work with our bodies natural system. The human body is made up of 60% water and will tend to resonate with crystals and stones. My current favorite has to be Labradorite, it’s vibrational power has been known to ease anxiety! Even Smokey Quartz can be used to help your mind stay clear and keep away bad dreams. With thousands of crystals out there it can be so hard to find a starting point and that’s what we hope to be at Ever Be. We want to be able to get you started on your journey with crystals and even if you’re a seasoned collector be able to provide those rare crystals and even share information you may not have known. Thanks for stopping by and always feel free to message me any questions about crystals!

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